Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream – How to Watch Online

The 2020 Masters Golf Tournament was about to commence its 84th edition between April 9th to 12th. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting countries all over the world, the tournament stands as postponed. It was supposed to be held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, which has been hosting the golf tournament since 1958. Whether or not you are a real golf fan, the tournament has made it feasible for everyone to live stream the entire event right from the vicinity from their own homes! How is that possible?

In this article, we will discuss the time, date, and venue of the 2020 Masters Golf Tournament with recent updates on the same; which streaming services have made the tournament available and a look at the previous Masters’ Golf Tournaments so far. So without any further ado, let us dive into the world of golf and find out more about what everyone was anticipating for April 2020!

EventMasters Golf 2020
DatesNovember 2020
Live StreamWatch Here
VenueAugusta National Golf Club

What is the Future of the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020?

According to recent updates, the Augusta National Golf Club announced that the tournament has been postponed for the month of November this year, owing to how things become once the coronavirus pandemic subsides. Major other sporting events scheduled for the summer months were also canceled due to this outbreak. While most of them have postponed their events for next year or entirely canceled them, we are glad that the Golf Tournament stays for this year itself.

Pay television broadcaster, Sky Sports, earned streaming rights for the Masters’ Golf Tournament this year breaking the record of the first time this sport will be aired on a fee through national television. The broadcasting rights are also available to ESPN and CBS. The Masters’ event will declare which players will go forth to compete in the US Open Golf, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship for the next five years.

Even though the field of playing the Masters’ event is small, it qualifies as a major championship and is primarily an invite-only event. A range of qualifying criteria is taken into consideration to determine who will enter the field. All players are accustomed to the field since it has been utilized for decades now. 18 holes need to be potted in order for the winner to proclaim the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020 title.

In the next section, we are going to discuss the various live streaming platforms where the entire game will be visible. It is easy to live stream major sporting events from anywhere in the world. All you need is a cable connection and a high-speed internet. Get your subscriptions by moving forward to the next section, in addition to the official channels broadcasting the event.

Which Channels Can You Use To Watch The Masters Golf Live Stream 2020 in November?

How can you watch the tournament via its official channels? Read the below-mentioned pointers to understand how these official channels can help you witness the entire game from anywhere in the world.

Masters 2020 Live Streaming
Watch Masters 2020 Live Stream online

In the United States, Masters has its own channel that will definitely provide a live stream of the event to take place in November. If you are residing somewhere else, you can just log in to their website and witness all the action with ease.

CBS All Access

In addition to the standard device, CBS can also be viewed on the go. The network streaming device offers all its series, movies and even live streaming facilities to users in the United States. It is affordable and can be watched without a cable subscription.


This is a new streaming device launched by ESPN in the United States. It has extra content which makes it special for viewers to access hours of unlimited facilities. It includes original content from the channel, important sporting news, and also live streams of major events happening around the world. You need to pay to avail its facilities and it comes with a standard cost that is a blessing to subscribe, to say the least.

Do you not wish to subscribe to these official channels? Then you can take a look at the following online streaming devices that have made it easier for you to watch your favorite sports from home.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been in the live streaming game for a while now. It offers an exceptional service with high-quality streaming that remains unmatchable. Even though the monthly subscription is a bit expensive, you can watch a range of shows across its several channels. In addition to its streaming quality, what makes it unique is its DVR storage space that lets you record any missed sporting event to watch later without any hassles! You can also share your YouTube TV ID with five other Google users who can watch from the same subscription, at the same time. Getting ideas to split the bill?

Hulu Live TV

Operating as a spare package of Hulu, Hulu with Live TV helps you avail all the essential channels including, ESPN and CBS All Access. You also get on-demand videos through a monthly subscription of $39.99. It also has a DVR storage space which can be upgraded according to the type of plan you choose.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a comparatively affordable live streaming option. It has 3 types of subscriptions which also have the ESPN and ESPN2 channels to stream the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020.

DirecTV Now

This streaming service has been available for a while now. Sorted into five different bundles, CBS can be watched through all of them. It has less of a DVR storage space with up to 20 hours only, but if it suits your liking then you can definitely proceed with it.

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue offers a range of choices through its different premium bundles. If you wish to watch CBS, ESPN, and ESPN2, they are fortunately available in all bundles. However, CBS Sports can only be watched through select bundles only. Pick your subscription plan accordingly. The best feature of using the PS Vue if the split-screen facility that allows you to view it from three screens from three different networks during the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020. So what are you waiting for?


FuboTV is the ideal streaming service for most sports lovers around the world. It, unfortunately, it does not have the ESPN channels in any of its bundles. However, CBS fans can definitely use it to their heart’s content. It is available at an affordable rate, provides hours of DVR storage space and provides a great streaming quality to all its users.

Watch Masters Online from different Countries

Despite these streaming services, you can also live stream the Masters from different Countries in November online. How can you do that?

The United States

Most streaming services are available in the US. You have the option to watch the game through your favorite channels which include CBS, CBS All Access, ESPN, and ESPN2, or you can also watch it through the official website.


Canadians can utilize the Slim Bundles to watch the game. If that does not work for you, then you can definitely try VPN access and change your country to the US to witness the match from your location. Another option is to visit to stream the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020 straight from your browser.


UK viewers can also take a look at the Slim Bundles mentioned above. Always use the VPN service before launching any of the Slim Bundles in order for them to work properly. You can also open to watch the game right from your laptop or computer.


You have the option to visit to stream the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020.

Poland gives full access to users around the world to watch the game live from their desktops. If you reside in Poland, you can also opt to visit to stream the live game.

Live Streaming Online through Social Media

All the official social media handles of Masters’ Golf Tournament including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube will be streaming the game live in November 2020. In addition to this, these platforms will be updating you with everything related to the tournament including shift in dates or venues, what all you can expect from the game, and insights into golf as a sport and so much more!

Can the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020 be Watched from Your Favorite Devices?

You can definitely watch the Masters golf tournament through your favorite devices this November. The access has been stretched to even a mobile phone, and game device users to enjoy the tournament just by downloading the application.

The list of devices which you can use to watch the golf tournament are as follows,

  • Roku: Roku TV can be accessed to live stream the game. The device can be incorporated with credentials to watch CBS All Access and ESPN.
  • Kodi: Kodi can be installed on any device to live stream the tournament. It does not require an additional browser or channel online.
  • Apple TV: Apple TV is the hotshot device that is available on several others. Its AirPlay can be downloaded to live stream the tournament and enjoy the match with friends and family.
  • Android: You can download the Masters’ Tournament App through the play store to watch the game.
  • Xbox: All you need is a steady internet connection live stream the tournament through your Xbox device.
  • iPhone and iPad: You can download the Masters’ Tournament App through the App Store to watch the game.

To Sum Up

Golf fans all across the world cannot wait for this super exciting tournament to commence. After the long-awaited anticipation, it will be a delight to watch it hopefully in November 2020. The Tournament will be scheduled through 3 contests spanning across weeks in November, and we cannot wait to see if Tiger Woods will win his sixth title this time!