When, Where and How to Watch Masters Golf Officially

Thinking of watching the Masters Golf Tournament 2020? Golf fans, we have something great for you! You might not be able to attend the games, but you can definitely watch the whole thing live right from your living room. Today, there are many options available that can help you in live streaming the entire event online. Skysports is the official broadcasting sponsor of the event, followed by CBS and ESPN. The Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020 has been postponed till November this year due to the coronavirus pandemic across countries.

In this article, we will talk about how you can watch the entire game from anywhere in the world. We will talk about the venue of the games, in addition to the different streaming options available to you for the same. So, let us move on to the next section to get an overview of the entire tournament.

Date and Venue of the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020

As usual, the Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020 will be held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. This venue has been utilized by all golfers since 1958. A small field has made our golfers accustomed to the dimensions and they are doing so further by going by their routine of potting 18 holes to win the ultimate trophy. Fans are excited to see if Tiger Woods bags his sixth title this year!

The Masters’ Golf Tournament 2020 was earlier planned for April but subsequently got shifted to later this year in November. Three rounds will get our players to qualify for the final and if you cannot watch the game live by then, we have various alternatives to you that will be feasible for your safety, and also affordability.

Let us go forward to the next section to know all about the different streaming services available to help you watch the tournament with your friends and family.

When, Where and How to watch Masters golf 2020

How To Watch the Masters Golf Tournament Officially?

The Masters’ Golf Tournament can be watched through various means. Most of you would be interested to watch it officially and hence we offer you various channels where you can watch the game live from basically anywhere in the world! Follow either of the below-mentioned platforms to see the entire game during November 2020.


Masters.com officially streams the game in the United States every year. You can totally watch the game if you are a resident of the place. In case you reside outside the USA, simply login to the channel and watch the game with ease.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access also provides you free and convenient streaming facilities. You can watch the Masters’ 2020 Game Live, and you can also go ahead with other activities on the portal including movies, series – all in the United States. The best part is you can do all of this without a cable subscription.


ESPN has just recently launched its new streaming service called ESPN+. This is visible in the United States and has extra content available which makes it unique for users around the world. In addition to sporting events, you can also have a preview of exclusive content on the website. Even though the platform is a little expensive, it is ideal if you become a subscriber for long term benefits.

Final Words

With the host of options available at your disposal, we bet you can watch a great tournament upon its inception. The world is waiting for all major sporting activities to take place once this coronavirus pandemic subsides and truly so, golf will be one of them.

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